Color wheel in MTG

Color combinations

Mono Colors

Illustrated by Sam Burley

Mono White

White is the color of order and justice in the multiverse. Mono whites strongest themes include: tokens, white weenies, removal, tax and other hatepieces and multiple ways to level the battlefield. White has definitely received a lot of attention from WoTC in the previous expansions and will likely receive new strong staples in the future, too, as EDH is the most popular format in MTG.

Illustrated by Sam Burley

Mono Blue

Blue is the color of logic and cognition. Blue has the strongest card draw effects, able to manipulate artifacts, copy other permanents, sling spells and is the master of countering spells.

Illustrated by Sam Burley

Mono Black

Black is the colour of death, cunning, selfishness, undead and terror. Black can do almost everything the other colors can do by paying life. As black can do almost everything, it is extremely popular color and has a multitude of very different, unique commanders.

Illustrated by Sam Burley

Mono Red

Red is the colour of love, strong feelings, anger, chaos and aggressiveness. Red excels in attacking with creatures and hitting your opponents in the face with damage.

Illustrated by Sam Burley

Mono Green

Green is the colour of purity, growth, wilderness, nature and free will. Green has the biggest creatures, is able to remove any kind of permanent on the battlefield and protects its own present. Green is famous of ramping and putting multiples lands on the table in a single turn.

2 Colors

Two color pairs are divided into allied and enemy colors. The allied and enemy colors come from the color wedge and allied colors sit next to each others on the wedge.

The allied colors are: Azorius, Dimir, Rakdos, Gruul and Selesnya

The enemy colors are: Orzhov, Boros, Simic, Izzet, and Golgari.

Azorius combines white and blue, creating the color pair of abslute control.


Azorius combines the strongest color of removals, white, and the counter spells from blue, creating the ultimate control deck colors. Azorius decks are slow, instant-speed heavy and removal resilient.

White and Black is the color pair of orzhov in MTG


The Orzhov guild from Ravnica is the colors of white and black, providing a multitude of different strategies from lifegain to life drain effects, aristocrats to tribal themes and wraths to graveyard recursions.

White and red is the color pair of Boros in MTG


The Boros combines whites order and justice with reds passion and aggression, creating the legion of Boros. Boros is combat heavy with strong synergies with artifacts, especially equipments.

Selesnya is the combination of white and green in MTG.


Selesnya combines whites lifegain and creature dependent gamestyles with greens strong ramp and creature based card advantage creating multitude of different gamestyles with creatures.

Dimir is the combination of Blue and Black in MTG


The guild of Dimir from Ravnica is the colors of blue and black. Possibly the strongest two color pair in EDH due to the very high number of different combos, great interaction cards and access to best tutors and strong graveyard tactics.

Izzet is the color pair of Blue and Red


Reds explosiveness and aggression, combined with blues patience and calculation creates the color of Izzet. Izzet decks loves spellslinging and massive card advantage in many forms: card draw, impulse draw and cast from graveyard effects.

Simic is the color pair of Blue and Green in MTG.


Color pair of Simic combines the knowledge and the ever-improving mentality of Blue with Greens nature-likeness and growth. Simic decks excel in every creature-based strategies on the battlefield and focuses on the Enter the Battlefield effects of creatures.

Rakdos is the color pair of Black and Red in MTG


Rakdos combines blacks decisiveness to overcome any obstacle with reds impulsiveness creating the any means necessary gamestyles. The means include everything from playing life to sacrifice permanents to achieve the upper hand.

Golgari is the combination of Black and Green in MTG


Golgari combines Black's untimely death and decay with Greens natural death and the survival of the fittest, creating Golgaris obvious graveyard recursions and recycling the unnecessary resources for new ones.

Gruul is the color pair of Red and Green in MTG


Gruul brings together the aggressiveness of red and the natural growth of Green creating the uncontrollable Gruul. Gruul is very aggressive and fast in its playstyle, focusing more on hurting other with big creatures rather than thinking and reacting to others.

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