Azorius combines white and blue, creating the color pair of abslute control.


Azorius combines the strongest color of removals, white, and the counter spells from blue, creating the ultimate control deck colors. Azorius decks are slow, instant-speed heavy and removal resilient.

Azorius themes

Power Artifact: Illustrated by Terese Nielsen


Artifact decks aim to interact and gain advantage with own artifacts by copying them, turning them into creatures and simply create new artifacts as tokens. Artifact decks are very popular and they have multiple infinite loops.

Alrund's Epiphany: Illustrated by Kieran Yanner


Foretell decks focus on using the foretell costs of spells and casting them from exile.

Blinkmoth Infusion: Illustrated by Alan Pollack


Blink decks exile and return to the battlefield own permanents creating ETBs and LTBs triggers and gaining value.