Black lotus is the the most expensive MTG card.

What is EDH Chamber

EDH Chamber is a collection of commander deck building ideas and card reviews of old and new commanders. Focus of content in deck techs and commander deck building challenges.

With EDH Chamber's services you can upgrade your current deck lists, buy completely new deck lists and more!

Who is EDH Chamber for?

EDH Chamber is for everyone looking for new ideas for their EDH collections and helping you to brew new decks. I have played standard, modern and now for almost two years, only commander format.

What is power creep?

Power creep is a term used, at least, in TCGs and it refers to the phenomena where players who play the game longer, usually start to level up their decks with stronger and stronger single cards as the time goes on.

I have personally seen the power creep in my own deck building, starting from the Scarab God (I know, not the weakest commander, but I got it from a Double Masters booster, I swear!) and then at some point I had three quite powerful decks at the same time: Karlov of the Ghost Council, Kaalia of the Vast, and Xenagos, god of Revels. My land bases started to cost more than the rest of the deck in new decks due to the amount of fetches and shock lands I owned. And the I noticed I actually played more to win than to have fun. And that was the turning point for me.

I wanted to try out a new commander, Rionya, Fire Dancer. A mono red edh deck. And I have always thought mono red to be the weakest color as a mono colored deck due to the lack of several things, but mostly due to weak card draw and very weak permanent ramp. And somehow I really enjoyed the struggle with not having blue for card draw and not having the white for all the removal spells and not being able to get every creature from graveyard back to the battlefield with black spells. This new deck worked well, but it had nothing in common with my previous decks and it was really refreshing!

The team

I, Zamizmi, started playing MTG in 2020, in the very beginning of covid-19, around the publishing of Ikoria. I had never played MTG before but did enjoy the Gwent a lot in the Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt. A very dear friend of mine asked whether I have played MTG, and then I tried out the MTG: Arena, and well... Here I am!

  • First Commander: The Scarab God

  • 'the first' Mythic card: Klothys, God of Destiny

  • Favorite deck: Rionya, Fire Dancer

  • Strongest deck I've built: Tough choice, I'd say Karlov of the Ghost Council with lifegain and voltron or Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar & Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator combo deck.