Selesnya is the combination of white and green in MTG.


Selesnya combines whites lifegain and creature dependent gamestyles with greens strong ramp and creature based card advantage creating multitude of different gamestyles with creatures.

Selesnya themes

Lifelink: Illustrated by Terese Nielsen


Lifegain is one of the the most popular themes in EDH. Multiple triggers to gain life and value received from the lifegain triggers are really fun to follow as a player. Often lifegain is combined with another theme, +1/+1 counters or creature tokens, as pure lifegain is often not powerful enough to win the game.

Cultivate: Illustrated by Anthony Palumbo


Landfall decks are causing landfall triggers with multiple lamp ramp spells. Often the triggers provide extra resources, +1/+1 counters or lifegain. Main wincons with landfall decks include: land creatures, +1/+1 creatures and massive value engines.

Llanowar elves: Illustrated by Chris Rahn

Elf tribal

Elves are greens primary creature type since the beginning. Elf decks run a huge amount elf mana dorks and the are able to produce infinite and close-to-infinite amounts of mana, as the cards mana output increases with the amount of elves controlled. Elf tribals are combat focused.

Cathars Crusade: Illustrated by Karl Kopinski

+1/+1 counters

White has many great support spells and permanents for +1/+1 counters theme. Counters theme is often combined with White-weenie or token strategy and turns the small creatures into a formidable force.

Anointed Procession: Illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez


Mono white token decks aim to create a mass of small creature tokens and then with anthem effects or +1/+1 counter defeat the opponents in combat. White token decks are aggressive decks and aim to flood the battlefield soon rather than later due to the weaker card draw mono white has access to.

Argothian Enchantress: Illustrated by Daren Bader


Decks running a high amount of enchantments are called enchantress decks. Enchantress decks focus on value creation and ramping through land auras, mana duplication and Enchantment cast + ETB triggers.