Sami Lindqvist

Hi everybody, I'm Sami, the creator of EDH Chamber. I've played MTG from 2020 now, mostly Commander but I have a little bit of experience of pre-MH2 modern too. My goal is to build new, interesting and challenging decks. Really hope to find new out-of-color-pie commander decks like Dimir dragons!

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Felisa, Fang of Silverquill, Illustrated by: Sara Winters

Orzhov counter aristocrats: Felisa Fang of Silverquill

Felisa is an interesting commander combining death triggers and counters. Orzhov has relatively low amount of counter synergies (except in mono white) but has high amount of death trigger synergies.

Sami Lindqvist

Sun Sep 04 2022

Orzhov+1/+1 countersAristocrats
Kamiz, Obscura Oculus: Illustrated by Chris Rallis

Esper Tempo deck: Kamiz, Obscura Oculus with Saboteur

When Streets of New Capennas Obscura deck was released I immediately found Kamiz interesting, as the commander allows many different strategies varying from unblockable to draw matters, from discarding to reanimating in Esper colors. This is my take on Kamiz as a mix of all as a strong Tempo deck.

Sami Lindqvist

Fri Jun 10 2022

Evelyn, the Covetous: Illustrated by Marta Nael

Grixis Vampire tribal and exile with Evelyn

Streets of new Capenna introduced a new vampire tribal commander in Grixis colors. Evelyn has an interesting way to provide value with vampire tribal and the decks power level increases according your opponents decks!

Sami Lindqvist

Sun May 29 2022

vampire tribalexile opponentscast opponents spells
Rionya Fire Dancer: Illustrated by Heonhwa Choe

Building with budget: Rionya, Fire Dancer under 25€

Rionya is very versatile commander, able to bring lead any mono red tribal deck and shines with strong ETB creatures. This is a budget build, with the total budget of 25€.

Sami Lindqvist

Fri Apr 22 2022

budgetstormmono red
Malcolm and Breeches

Izzet Jank Pirate Tribal: Malcolm + Breeches

Mono blue, Izzet and Grixis have been the main colors for Pirate tribals for ever. I wanted to build a pirate tribal deck focusing on the pirating: exile your opponents cards, play them yourself and turn them into your weapons.

Sami Lindqvist

Mon Apr 18 2022

Pirate tribalIzzettribal
Many new commanders were spoilered 2022-04-08. This is my quick thoughts of three interesting 3-ones.

Three interesting new commanders from New Capenna

Streets of New Capenna is the home of five old mob families, but the new spoiled commanders are not demons. Here is my quick thoughts of the new Grixis, Esper and Jund commanders. Or like in New Capenna Maestros, Obscura and Riveteers

Sami Lindqvist

Fri Apr 08 2022

Karador, Ghost Chieftain, art by: Todd Lockwood. Karador is the third most popular abzan commander in EDHREC for abzan.

Abzan graveyard creatures deck: Karador, Ghost Chieftain

Creature decks and graveyard decks are very popular archetypes in commander. Abzan provides great synergies for both colors and Karador is great choice as a commander for both playstyles.

Sami Lindqvist

Fri Mar 11 2022

Silumgar flies to the dimir lands laying waste to every opponent.

EDH Dragon tribal deck: Dimir dragons

Tribal decks are very popular in EDH. Dragon tribal is the third most popular tribal theme according to EDHRec with over 13k decks available. Most of these decks are Gruul, Jund, Rakdos or 5-color decks, though. This deck is off-color Dragon tribal with Silumgar as the Commander.

Sami Lindqvist

Mon Feb 21 2022

Sword to Plowshares is the best single removal in Commander

Best removals in Commander for each color

In commander you often end up in a situation where you have no other options than removal. Here is a collection of the best removals in the commander format. All these removals are commander staples and have a home in almost any deck with the given color identity.

Sami Lindqvist

Wed Feb 16 2022

Simic snake elf scout commander: Lonis, Cryptozoologist

Simic clue token commander: Lonis, Cryptozoologist

Simic commander decks are often called value decks: playing spells, drawing cards and doing tons of stuff and prolonging the games. This simic deck: Lonis, Cryptozoologist Clue token deck has several wincons including milling, combat, tapping out your opponents whole board and stealing nonland permanents.

Sami Lindqvist

Sat Feb 05 2022

cluecreature falltokens
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose

Mono black commander: Vito, lifegain and vampire tribal

Next up in my mono colored decks is black. As black can do literally (maybe not ramp?) everything by paying life or sacrificing creatures and has the best tutors in the format I wanted to restrict my options by having a strict tribal deck.

Sami Lindqvist

Tue Jan 25 2022

mono Blacklifegaindrain
Minn, Wily Illusionist as a commander in mono blue EDH deck. With lots of permanents!

Mono blue commander: Minn, Wily Illusionist with permanents

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms precons published in 2021 summer have some very interesting commanders! Minn, Wily Illusionist flied under the radar for a long time for me, but finally I've built my own mono blue deck! With lots of permanents.

Sami Lindqvist

Sat Jan 15 2022

mono bluepermanentsdraw
rionya, fire dancer is a mono red commander focusing on instants and sorceries and creature copies!

Mono red Commander: Rionya, Fire Dancer burn deck tech

When Strixhaven commander decks arrived in 2021 my attention was immediately taken by Rionya and Osgir. And then I built both. This is my build of EDH mono red burn deck with storm-like using creatures.

Sami Lindqvist

Sun Jan 02 2022

creature copiespermanentsmono red
ghoulcaller-gisa-art how to build mono black zombies

Commander deck building challenge: Mono Black Zombies

Our playgroup had a deck building challenge: we chose a color for each randomly and I ended up with black. This is how I chose and built my mono-black Zombies EDH deck.

Sami Lindqvist

Tue May 25 2021

mono blackzombiestribal
Karlov of the ghost council how to build lifegain

Karlov of the Ghost Council: cEDH or casual?

I wondered how to build a lifegain EDH deck and after some time ended up with Karlov of the Ghost Council as the commander with voltron and life drain sub themes.

Sami Lindqvist

Fri May 07 2021

how to build xenagos god of revels multiple combats deck

How to build: Xenagos, multiple combats

Massive creatures with trample and haste fueled with very aggressive mana ramp and flavourful interactions, Xenagos, God of Revels is one of my favourite decks. This is a simple decktech, how to build: Xenagos, God of Revels deck with multiple combats.

Sami Lindqvist

Fri Apr 30 2021

extra combatsgruulbig creatures
how to build Kaalia of the Vast dragon angel demon deck

Angels and Demons – Kaalia of the Vast

Play for free the strongest creature types in Mardu – Angels, Demons and dragons. Be prepared for an archenemy match as Kaalia draws lots of attention.

Sami Lindqvist

Sun Apr 25 2021

free creaturestribalmardu