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    Themes for Bloodtracker

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    Illustrated by James Ryman


    Aristocrat decks are a combination of sacrifice effects, reanimating and value creation. Wincons revolve around multiple triggers, either from dying, ETB or cast triggers.

    Cathars Crusade: Illustrated by Karl Kopinski

    +1/+1 counters

    White has many great support spells and permanents for +1/+1 counters theme. Counters theme is often combined with White-weenie or token strategy and turns the small creatures into a formidable force.

    Archfiend of Ifnir: Illustrated by Seb McKinnon

    -1/-1 Counters

    -1/-1 counters are an opposite of +1/+1 counters. -1/-1 counter decks use -1/-1 counters as a resource and manipulate them for their benefit. Moving, adding and removing the counters on the right moment can turn the tide of the game.

    Anointed Procession: Illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez


    Mono white token decks aim to create a mass of small creature tokens and then with anthem effects or +1/+1 counter defeat the opponents in combat. White token decks are aggressive decks and aim to flood the battlefield soon rather than later due to the weaker card draw mono white has access to.

    Lifelink: Illustrated by Terese Nielsen


    Lifegain is one of the the most popular themes in EDH. Multiple triggers to gain life and value received from the lifegain triggers are really fun to follow as a player. Often lifegain is combined with another theme, +1/+1 counters or creature tokens, as pure lifegain is often not powerful enough to win the game.

    Barony Vampire: Illustrated by Daarken

    Vampire tribal

    Vampire tribal is second most popular mono black tribal. Eternal vampire have a multitude of different commanders available and different game plans, too. One vampire tribal can focus on full combat with lord effects, other focusing on life gain and life loss and third can focus on stealing other players creatures.

    Articles with Bloodtracker in the deck list

    Felisa, Fang of Silverquill, Illustrated by: Sara Winters

    Orzhov counter aristocrats: Felisa Fang of Silverquill

    Felisa is an interesting commander combining death triggers and counters. Orzhov has relatively low amount of counter synergies (except in mono white) but has high amount of death trigger synergies.
    Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose

    Mono black commander: Vito, lifegain and vampire tribal

    Next up in my mono colored decks is black. As black can do literally (maybe not ramp?) everything by paying life or sacrificing creatures and has the best tutors in the format I wanted to restrict my options by having a strict tribal deck.