Rionya, Fire Dancer

Rionya, Fire dancer: Illustrated by Heonhwa Choe

Rionya is a unique commander combining spell slinging with storm and creature copies. Rionya decks are filled with cheap instant and sorcery cantrips and tends to win the game with multiple copies of a single creature they control.

Rionyas ability gets stronger and stronger as the copied creatures mana value goes higher. Due to this, Rionya is a proper commander for expensive tribals, with not-enough tribal synergies in mono red.

Themes for Rionya, Fire Dancer

Lightning bolt: Illustrated by Christopher Moeller


Burn is reds primary mechanics. Red can deal massive amounts of damage to single target or deal multiple amounts of single damage to multiple targets. Burn decks aim to win with massive outbursts of big, uncounterable and unpreventable damage to opponents (and sometimes the burn player itself).

Goblin Bombardment: Illustrated by Dave Kendall

Goblin tribal

Goblins are reds main creature type and gets new support from almost every set. Goblin tribals focus to create many 1/1 goblin tokens and make them bigger with Goblin lords, buffing them up and giving them haste. Often the decks run multiple different sac outlets to either burn players or receive extra value from the tokens.

Drakuseth, Maw of Flames: Illustrated by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Dragon tribal

Dragons, alongside Goblins, are reds primary creature types. Dragons are reds strongest creatures and most of the expansions have some kind of red dragon in them. As dragons are expensive to cast, dragon tribal decks run multiple cost reduction effects and have ways to cheat the expensive dragons on the battlefield.

Inferno Titan: Illustrated by Kev Walker

Giant tribal

Giants are expensive and big creatures in red. Giants are red secondary creature types, and a tribal deck in mono red is difficult to pull off. Giants tend to receive some new creatures every now and then so giant tribals are getting close to the limit, where they are solid tribal.

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rionya, fire dancer is a mono red commander focusing on instants and sorceries and creature copies!

Mono red Commander: Rionya, Fire Dancer burn deck tech

When Strixhaven commander decks arrived in 2021 my attention was immediately taken by Rionya and Osgir. And then I built both. This is my build of EDH mono red burn deck with storm-like using creatures.
Rionya Fire Dancer: Illustrated by Heonhwa Choe

Building with budget: Rionya, Fire Dancer under 25€

Rionya is very versatile commander, able to bring lead any mono red tribal deck and shines with strong ETB creatures. This is a budget build, with the total budget of 25€.