Orvar, the All-Form

Orvar, the All-Form: Illustrated by Chase Stone

Orvar is mono blues second most popular commander, barely after Urza. Orvar's ability opens a multitude of very different and unique kind of decks. With Orvar you can literally build a deck around a single card, and actually make it a viable gameplan.

As Orvar has every creature type, it is also amazing mono blue tribal commander. Great tribals for Orvar are the sea-creature types: Leviathans, Krakens, Octopuses and Serpents. Other popular tribals for Orvar are: Merfolk and Wizards.

Themes for Orvar, the All-Form

Stormtide Leviathan: Illustrated by Karl Kopinski

Sea Monsters

Blues biggest creatures are Krakens, Leviathans and Serpents. They are comparable to whites angels, blacks demons, red dragons and greens beasts.

Isochron Scepter: Illustrated by Mark Harrison


Combo decks are control heavy decks, running a heavy amount of card draw or tutors. If the decks get to assemble the combo pieces the game often ends in an infinite combo.

Power Artifact: Illustrated by Terese Nielsen


Artifact decks aim to interact and gain advantage with own artifacts by copying them, turning them into creatures and simply create new artifacts as tokens. Artifact decks are very popular and they have multiple infinite loops.

Prebuilt collections for Orvar, the All-Form

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1 mana copy any permanent instants

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Copy a creature and draw a card, 1 cmc

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