Reckless Impulse

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    Cryptic Command: Illustrated by Jason Rainville


    Cantrips are spells with a draw effect on them. Cantrip decks are often instant and sorcery spell slinger decks and aim to cast as many cantrips as possible and creating value from the cast triggers.

    Anointed Procession: Illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez


    Mono white token decks aim to create a mass of small creature tokens and then with anthem effects or +1/+1 counter defeat the opponents in combat. White token decks are aggressive decks and aim to flood the battlefield soon rather than later due to the weaker card draw mono white has access to.

    Articles with Reckless Impulse in the deck list

    Rionya Fire Dancer: Illustrated by Heonhwa Choe

    Building with budget: Rionya, Fire Dancer under 25€

    Rionya is very versatile commander, able to bring lead any mono red tribal deck and shines with strong ETB creatures. This is a budget build, with the total budget of 25€.