Herald's Horn

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    Drakuseth, Maw of Flames: Illustrated by Grzegorz Rutkowski

    Dragon tribal

    Dragons, alongside Goblins, are reds primary creature types. Dragons are reds strongest creatures and most of the expansions have some kind of red dragon in them. As dragons are expensive to cast, dragon tribal decks run multiple cost reduction effects and have ways to cheat the expensive dragons on the battlefield.

    Clone: Illustrated by Kev Walker


    Mono blue has multiple ways to clone own or opponents permanents. The gameplay changes effectively, when you get to play your opponents biggest threats, too and clone decks can lead to some very weird and interesting situations.

    Power Artifact: Illustrated by Terese Nielsen


    Artifact decks aim to interact and gain advantage with own artifacts by copying them, turning them into creatures and simply create new artifacts as tokens. Artifact decks are very popular and they have multiple infinite loops.

    Prosperous Pirates: Illustrated by Josh Hass

    Pirate tribal

    Pirate tribals are creature heavy decks focusing on controlling and preventing opponents from winning with resource efficient interactions. Pirate decks are less combat focused than many other tribal decks.

    Treasure: Illustrated by Alayna Danner


    Treasures are artifact tokens similar to Gold tokens. Treasures have an activated ability to create one mana of any color, by tapping and saccing the token. Treasures are available in every color but focusing on red and green.

    Articles with Herald's Horn in the deck list

    Silumgar flies to the dimir lands laying waste to every opponent.

    EDH Dragon tribal deck: Dimir dragons

    Tribal decks are very popular in EDH. Dragon tribal is the third most popular tribal theme according to EDHRec with over 13k decks available. Most of these decks are Gruul, Jund, Rakdos or 5-color decks, though. This deck is off-color Dragon tribal with Silumgar as the Commander.
    Malcolm and Breeches

    Izzet Jank Pirate Tribal: Malcolm + Breeches

    Mono blue, Izzet and Grixis have been the main colors for Pirate tribals for ever. I wanted to build a pirate tribal deck focusing on the pirating: exile your opponents cards, play them yourself and turn them into your weapons.